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Are you doing what you love?

You know that your business won’t survive without good organisation, but let’s face it, you’re an entrepreneur! You didn’t start your business to be weighed down by the day to day stuff, did you? 

What if there was a way to regain control of your time, only do the fun jobs AND take business to another level?

Dedicated Assistant

Your own account manager and a named assistant who will take time to get to know you and your business, integrating so seamlessly that your customers will never know we’re virtual.

Like Minded

More than just a PA, your virtual assistant has business experience in spades. The Outhouse team are all business owners, meaning that you get an assistant who understands the stresses and strains of running a small business.

Stay Agile

Fundamental to a successful business is the way that you spend your time. Your executive assistant will keep the important stuff off your desk whilst ensuring it gets done, leaving you agile enough to be deal with the opportunities that come your way.

Calm & Capable

Whatever industry you are in and whatever you need help with you can be confident we’ve got the skills to help. And if it turns out that it’s something we can’t do in house, we’ll find somebody who can.

All Inclusive Pricing

Life is too short to waste time questioning what you are paying for! Our simple, hassle free pricing includes all the standard things your PA will need to do the job, including call costs and stationery, so you never need to worry about an unexpected bill.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Feel completely safe in the knowledge that all of our work is back by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the work returned to you does not meet the brief that you gave us, we’ll make the necessary changes until it’s right, at no extra cost.

A virtual assistant can have a devastatingly positive effect on your business, grab your guide and find out how...

Discover how a virtual assistant can have tangible benefits for small businesses.

Key things to look for in a virtual assistant.

Useful tips on how to integrate a VA into your business.

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